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July 2013

“Born and raised in Prince George, Andrew Kurjata has spent short periods of time living in other cities but discovered it never really felt like home and neither did the idea of living anywhere else! He decided to move back to Prince George, to find out how he could best contribute to the city’s future, and has been here ever since.

“A keen storyteller, Andrew loves to dig up interesting facts about Prince George and Northern BC on a regular basis. It helps his job is creating content and co-hosting for the morning CBC Radio show Daybreak North! He says, “it’s amazing how much there is to tell once you start scratching around. So many stories, passions, histories, and people exist in the northern region, that I can’t imagine ever running out of things to share- it’s just a matter of looking.”

“Andrew hears a lot of talk about the confluence of our two rivers (#233) and explains “the rivers are the reason we are all here, they’re the essence of the city’s identity and worth exploring.”

“When asked what his top eight favourite activities to participate in were, he had a hard time choosing, but managed to whittle it down! 

“He loves that Prince George has four seasons and it’s easy to get out and find something to do in each. In summer you can hike, camp, bike (#118), swim and in winter there’s plenty of cross-country skiing (#46), snowshoeing (#228), and of course Coldsnap (#22). No matter what the weather, residents troop downtown to small venues lit up against the winter night and listen to local bands participating in a unique twilight festival. 

“One of his favored hobbies is snapping pictures of hidden graffiti (#365) around town. There’s a series of ‘Listen Birds’ throughout the city that appear in back alleys, bus stops, and are hidden in Books and Co. that everyone should check out.
About Prince George Andrew says, “I find it interesting when people are surprised I’m from here. I don’t know why it’s unusual. It shouldn’t be.””

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