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Ideas, I guess? Not really used anymore.

Stompin’ Tom’s battle

A place isn’t defined by who happened to be born there and left. It’s defined by who decides to stay.

Posted on 9 March 2013 and filed under articles, Canada, cities, ideas, misc, music

Is your competition really your competition?

When your biggest threat is actually an asset.

Posted on 10 August 2012 and filed under articles, Best Of, ideas, journalism, media

The Tweakers

“The Tweaker” by Malcolm Gladwell → “The point of Meisenzahl and Mokyr’s argument is that this sort of tweaking is essential to progress. James Watt invented the modern steam engine, doubling the efficiency of the engines that had come before. But when the tweakers took over the efficiency of the steam engine swiftly quadrupled. Samuel […]

Posted on 4 December 2011 and filed under ideas

Squeezing Into A Billion Solar Systems: Population Growth In Prince George

Yesterday’s Citizen featured an opinion piece by Todd Whitcombe, UNBC science professor and past provincial NDP candidate. It’s behind a paywall, so here’s the portion that I’ll be commenting on: “None of these economic opportunities are going to generate the thousands of jobs that we need in this town in order to prosper and grow. […]

Posted on 29 November 2011 and filed under Best Of, comments, ideas, Prince George

What is our ideal population size?

Kits beach on a Thursday   Last week,  I was down in Vancouver and Squamish. Vancouver while my partner worked, and Squamish for a wedding. In Vancouver, I had the day to myself in Kitsilano. It was a sunny day, so at one point I went to the beach. It was nice and close by, […]

Posted on 5 September 2011 and filed under articles, comments, ideas, Prince George

Extended Local Networks, Hometowns, and the Travel Trap

Last week, I was biking from downtown up to the university. At one intersection, I saw someone I know driving and gave a wave. I passed someone else waiting at a bus stop, and had a brief chat. Then in the parking lot of the university, a third acquaintance and another brief exchange. The last […]

Posted on 26 July 2011 and filed under ideas, personal

Google+, Twitter, and Why Barriers to Conversation Can Be A Good Thing

Thesis: Google+ comments are primarily noise, Twitter’s lack of “comments” are a built in filter. I feel like I’ve written about internet things too much lately, and I actually had something else queued up, but this is frankly more interesting to me right now. It’s also timely. It’s about Google+. Feel free to leave if […]

Posted on 18 July 2011 and filed under articles, ideas, social media

Becoming Sound Literate

Why is sharing non-music audio still a novelty?

Posted on 4 May 2011 and filed under articles, Best Of, comments, ideas, main, social media

The Archival and Ephemeral Properties of Blogging and Twitter

For whatever reason, a cough that was better today than it had been for the last few days and had been pretty much MIA returned with a vengeance and interrupted my (and my significant other’s) sleep. So I’m up drinking some niocitrin and decided to change the way my blog’s Twitter digest works. Regular readers […]

Posted on 19 September 2010 and filed under articles, ideas, meta, social media

Storyboard Meeting Notes

I keep a notebook with me most of the time to jot down ideas and notes. Here’s some I took yesterday during a storyboard meeting: This isn’t as bad as it looks.

Posted on 22 July 2010 and filed under ideas, misc, personal

Music That Moves You – Literally – in Fort St John

Here’s a cool event from “northern BC’s music capital” (not sure when they got that designation, but events like this certainly help make the case). Essentially, in order to encourage people to try out bus routes they offer free transit that includes local musicians playing on the bus. Would love to see that here in […]

Posted on 20 July 2010 and filed under cities, comments, ideas, Prince George, transit

The Tee-Shirt Project

via teeshirtproject.tumblr.com I had an idea to do a t-shirt blog, but full credit to this guy for actually doing it– and letting a crowd of anonymous strangers decide what of your wardrobe you keep and what you get rid of.

Posted on 13 July 2010 and filed under ideas, misc

How The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Should Be Using Foursquare with the Golden Raven Program

This post is exciting for me because I get to combine my two passions– social media and civic boosterism of northern BC into a single post. Here goes: *** What is Foursquare? Foursquare is a social networking site that encourages users to share their location with friends. You do this by “checking in” when you […]

Posted on 17 June 2010 and filed under articles, comments, ideas, Prince George, social media

An Essay on the Listen Bird: My Contribution to Cutbanks Magazine

The mystery and the message of a piece of graffiti.

Posted on 9 March 2010 and filed under articles, Best Of, cities, ideas, main, Prince George

Some Thoughts On Government, New Ideas, and Systemic Change

I just left these comments on David Eaves‘ post about the Public Policy and Governance Review in response to his interview with the publication, but I thought I’d share them here, as well: “1. I think you’re dead-on when you talk about “young people” (or more accurately, maybe just people geared towards new ways of […]

Posted on 7 December 2009 and filed under articles, ideas, politics

Heavy Thoughts for the Day

Really worthwhile read from Paul Carr of TechCrunch: “Two weeks ago, I wrote here about how the ‘real time web’ is turning all of us into inhuman egotists. How we’re increasingly seeing people at the scene of major accidents grabbing their cellphones to capture the dramatic events and share them with their friends, rather than […]

Posted on 10 November 2009 and filed under ideas, media, social media, technology

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