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Want to read blog posts about blogging? You are in for a treat.

Bigger fonts, less links, and comments only half-on: towards a more readable AndrewKurjata.ca

Bigger fonts, less links, and comments only half-on.

Posted on 31 August 2013 and filed under articles, comments, design, main, meta

Just moving some things around here…

I’m experimenting with what this blog is.

Posted on 21 August 2013 and filed under meta, nocomments

Shut up and say something

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a lot of good stuff out there. Like, a lot. So why add to the noise?

Posted on 30 April 2013 and filed under articles, Best Of, comments, main, meta, misc, personal

AndrewKurjata.ca: Now on iPhone, iPad and Internet Explorer

Some people have hobbies like woodworking or painting. Apparently, I do web design. The very first post on this blog is from when it was hosted on Blogger and I outlined how I had hacked an existing theme to look like the minimalist Depo Skinny WordPress theme. Since then I’ve moved onto WordPress and installed that […]

Posted on 18 November 2012 and filed under articles, comments, meta

Cleaning up the blog

Just, you know, changing a few things.

Posted on 8 June 2012 and filed under comments, meta

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