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Praise for the City of Prince George’s webcasts

On-demand, indexed and timely access to the decisions made and discussions had by our elected officials– it’s pretty great.

Posted on 10 September 2013 and filed under articles, comments, politics, Prince George


Just a friendly reminder that democracy isn’t simply picking one side to be in charge every four years. It’s a process that happens every day in a variety of forums and ways.

Posted on 16 May 2013 and filed under articles, Best Of, British Columbia, Canada, comments, politics

The Rule of Law

Of all the writing to come out of the punishment of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, the most informative I’ve seen is by lawyer Bob Tarantino in the National Post. He argues in favour of the judge’s ruling because “what is being punished, the failure to maintain the integrity of their office, is a transgression which […]

Posted on 28 November 2012 and filed under articles, Canada, politics

The most important part of a democracy is what the losers do

Last night was the most watched exercise in democracy in history. Or not. Because there is a certain segment of the population who are viewing last night’s results as somehow illegitimate or undemocratic. And of course there are no shortage of people congratulating America on making the right choice, implying that all the people who […]

Posted on 7 November 2012 and filed under articles, Best Of, comments, politics

Translation: We Want to Put A Liquor Store, What Do You Think?

I saw this downtown last week and was reminded of this Ted X Talk by Dave Meslin. He proposed that “apathy as we think we know it doesn’t actually exist, but rather that people do care but we live in a world that actively discourages engagement.” He used city notices like these as an example. […]

Posted on 25 June 2012 and filed under articles, Best Of, cities, politics, Prince George

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