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This is What A Bike Lane Looks Like?

It’s the last day of Bike to Work Week. Even though I bike to work more often than not, this week I forced myself to do it on days when I normally wouldn’t have (rain, up the University Way hill on a deadline). And you know what? It wasn’t bad.  Especially since in most of […]

Posted on 4 June 2010 and filed under bikes, cities, Prince George

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This raccoon on the Greyhound mural is my favourite. Like he is NOT ok with whatever's going on. #cityofPGNature would like to remind you that spring doesn't arrive just because a calendar says it does #cityofPGUnexpected development of the day.Oh, hulloz there #waldoArena seating for the Vinyl Cafe at the CN Centre #cityofPGOh, snap.Lots of people at CBC and #cityofPG event at Exploration Place.