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Polaris Prize Long List

Posted on 15 June 2009

No one asked me, but if they did, here’s the albums from the Polaris long list that I think should be on the short list.

The Arkells, Jill Barber, D-Sisive, Elliott BROOD, Handsome Furs, Junior Boys, k-Os, K’Naan, Metric, Chad VanGaalen

As much as it pains me to leave Charles Spearin’s brilliant Happiness Project off of this, it’s more an interesting art experiment than it is an album. I’m still going for Chad VanGaalen and the win, but I’d probably place F***ed Up as the one’s gonig in with the most hype, and given the past winners, I’m thinking we’re likely to see a spoiler in the form of Tim Hecker or something.

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