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Mr. PG On A Stamp

Posted on 19 June 2009

Mr. PG, for those of you who’ve never been through Prince George, is our city mascot: a faux-wooden man wearing a hard hat and standing on guard for civic pride. Last year I started the Mr. PG Facebook fanpage, which has taken off with over 3,000 fans and hundreds of wall posts. What I’ve liked most is seeing messages from people all over the world who have lived in or visited Prince George, and still have a place in their hearts for the rumoured septic tank. Now he’s getting some official love, with Canada Post announcing he will be part of their new “Roadside Attractions” series, alongside things like the Vegreville Easter Egg and the Yukon’s roadsign forest. What’s best is that one of Mr. PG’s fans had posted this to the Facebook page before I even got to it.

Mr. PG Gets Stamp of Approval »

Mr. PG Facebook fanpage » 

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