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Posted on 20 August 2009

I have a tendency to make things on the internet, send them out into the world, and sort of forget about them. This is a bad habit. I’ve been doing a reasonably good job with this blog, but then again I’ve only had it since May. Maybe it’s because I don’t get paid for any of them.

I was making a real estate map recently (house hunting!) and noticed a map I’d pretty much forgotten about making– recommended restaurants in Prince George. Well, it turns out in the year since I created it, its had a good 2,000 views. I have no idea what that means, since I don’t know what an average view level is for a Google map, but with no promotion besides a link on one of my now-defunct blogs, I figure that’s pretty decent for a a food map for a relatively remote city of 80,000 people. Plus there was a request to update it (things have changed in the last year), so SOMEBODY cared that it was inaccurate (still more accurate than the latest edition of Lonely Planet, though!)

I also just noticed that I can check the number of views of individual entries on another micro-project I just started showcasing the pop art of Prince George (I’m a civic booster, what can I say?) At a minimum, each of the nine entries has 50 views, whereas the top ones are above one hundred. Again, since this is a fairly niche project (must be interested in pop, art, and Prince George) and the only promotion for it is a mention on my Facebook, there must be some latent interest.

What this tells me is three things:

1. I need to track interest in my projects better
2. I should probably capitalize on those that generate interest by updating them more regularly
3. I need to find a way to put all my projects under a single “brand,” rather then sending them out into the world on their own. I want to avoid having this brand be just me, but I guess it would be good if I could make it easy for people to tell they all came from me.

I’m thinking I need to redesign my homepage to streamline these things more effectively, too.

Recommended Restaurants (needs some updates) »
PopArt PG »

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