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So I Guess Nothing Happened in September…

Posted on 6 October 2009

Which isn’t really true. It’s just that I’ve been very busy attempting to become a true member of society. A lot of time has been spent looking for a home to buy, and one comment I have on that is I really wish the local MLS listings would use Google Maps instead of Bing, especially since Bing maps has streets that don’t exist. I’d also add that it’s interesting trying to look at houses as potential homes and imagining what you could and couldn’t do with them, what it would be like living there long-term (possibly forever), and the like. Also, I think I’d eventually like to make some sort of “neighbourhood guide” to Prince George.

I’ve also been looking for new employment, with some leads but no bites yet. In the meantime, I’ve taken on the social media/post-secondary media component of the Coldsnap Music Festival that takes place every winter here in PG. I’m in charge of all the online stuff except the main site, which is currently undergoing a redesign into blog form. In the meantime, I’ve put Coldsnap up all over the place. You can check it out at the following locations:

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