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My Votes in the 2009 Bucky Awards

Posted on 3 November 2009

If you don’t know what the Bucky Awards are, they are basically a poll where fans vote for independent Candian bands in traditional and non-traditional categories. For my money, over the past three years they’ve been the most accurate representation of the best music being made. Here’s how I’m voting:

Best Song

I thought this was going to be a hard category, until I saw the Handsome Furs with “I’m Confused” on the list. From the first time I heard this near the beginning of the year, this has been my go-to song for any playlist that needs some livening up. Someday I’ll get around to listening to the rest of the album.

If it weren’t for that song, it’d be between “Robots,” “Camillo (The Magician)” and “No You Don’t.”  I suggest you listen to every song in this category: they’re all gold.

Most Canadian Song

As much as I would have liked it to be “Oh Canada” by Classified, it’s just too dated (why highlight Jim Carrey as a comedy export when Seth Rogen is very openly representing Canada?). Most of the other ones are more regional than national in scope, so I’m going with “Song Written Upon Getting Cut by the Argos” from the CFL Sessions. Aside from the fact it’s from an album of covers of songs that were originally recorded by CFL artists and later discovered by a folklorist in the national archives (I mean, seriously, how Canadian is that), the lyrics strike me as having a particularly Canadian feel that work equally well for small rural towns and the major metropolises.

Best New Band Name

I’m always a fan of this category, and this year I’m giving it to Elephant Stone, as much as I like “Gregory Pepper and His Problem”, “Coueur du Pirate”, “Extra Happy Ghost” and “Ookpik.” “Elephant Stone” just evokes the sound of the band really well.

Best Reason to Learn French

This is usually the category I’ve heard the least from, and this year is no different (plus la difference?) That said, I used the handy ability to play the songs right on the site and I’m still going with the one I had heard before– “Commes des Enfants” just sounds so nice.

Best Live Act

For the first time, I’ve actually seen a good portion of these (Victoria gets more indie acts that Prince George, though I’m hoping that will change). Though I’ve heard good things about Elliott Brood and Said the Whale and Bruce Peninsula both put on a great show, this hands-down goes to Mother Mother, who were spot-on perfect when I saw them and are easily the second-best live act I’ve ever seen, period.

Best Lyric

Always an easy one to make comparisons in, since the lyrics are right there on-screen to judge.  The most bizarre was Joel Plaskett’s “I‘m the Berlin Wall, I’m a communist / You’re a wrecking ball in a summer dress,” the one that sparked the most discussion was Metric’s “After all this is done / who would you rather be: The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” the ones that work the best with the music they accompany are “Camilo, I need to see where you made that card go / ‘Cause I’ve got some questions ’bout the world I know / And about the difference between real and show,” from Said the Whale, and my runner-up is “We used to dream, now we just worry about dying / I don’t wanna worry about dying, I just wanna worry about sunshine girls” from Japandroids. But the winner is the only one that I can remember where I was when I heard it, because I thought it was such a good analogy (and still do): “Life is like Canadian football / You don’t get very many chances, and there’s a lot of room to move around” from the CFL Sessions.

Best Vocals

I almost gave it to Joel Plaskett in “One Track Mind,” but really, it’s gotta be Metric for “Gimme Sympathy.”

Sexiest Musician

I dunno, but I’m guessing the winner’s going to be Damian Abraham.

Best New Artist

I knew the answer to this one before I even saw the nominees.  I’ve been championing them since I first saw them, I love their album, and I’m still convinced they have what it takes. Good luck to the Raccoons.

You have until November 8 to vote once a day. Even if you don’t vote, I suggest you listen to the music, because dang, it’s good. This continues to be the Golden Age of music in Canada.

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