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A List of Critically-Acclaimed TV Shows I’ve Never Watched

Posted on 27 November 2009

So, apparently the last decade had the best TV shows of all time in it. But I didn’t see them. I guess I never watched much TV, but just how little I watch has really been presented to me with these end-of decade lists. So, while I’m currently working on my list of my favourite albums of the last decade, let me now present to you a list of TV shows from the last decade that I didn’t watch, should have, and still might, shows I didn’t watch, should have, and probably won’t, shows I should have watched and did, and shows I shouldn’t have watched, but did, and don’t regret it. The worst part is, even in the category of shows I have watched, there’s only eight that I’ve seen every episode of, and about five more that I’d say it’s safe to say I’ve seen over 50% of the episodes. What was I doing with my time? Catching up on Oz, I guess.

15 shows I didn’t watch, should have, and still might:

1. The Wire
2. The Sopranos
3. Six Feet Under
4. Mad Men
5. Freaks and Geeks
6. Battlestar Gallactica
7. Big Love
8. Dexter
9. The Venture Bros.
10. Flight of the Conchords
11. the West Wing
12. Band of Brothers
13. Torchwood
14. Extras
15. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

12 shows I didn’t watch, apparently should have,  but probably won’t:

1. Lost
2. Breaking Bad
3. Deadwood
4. The Shield
5. Veronica Mars
6. Friday Night Lights
7. Firefly
8. 24
9. Alias
10. Desperate Housewives
11. Rome
12. Big Bang Theory

10 shows I should have watched and did:

1. Arrested Development
2. 30 Rock
3. The Office (both versions)
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Futurama
6. Curb Your Enthusiasm
7. Undeclared
8. Easbound and Down
9. Planet Earth
10. Better Off Ted

12 shows I shouldn’t have watched, did, and don’t regret it:

1. Scrubs
2. Being Erica
3. South Park
4. Everybody Hates Chris
5. Corner Gas
6. Heroes (the first season– I bailed midway through season two and am not going back)
7. Clone High
8. Pushing Daisies
9. Malcolm in the Middle
10. Modern Family
11. Weeds
12. Entourage

(actually, for the last two I sort of regret watching more than the first two seasons).

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