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I’ve Seen A Lot About “Government 2.0”, Now I Want to Know About “Citizen 2.0”

Posted on 13 December 2009

During my brief foray into the provincial bureaucracy, I became loosely connected with a group of individuals working throughout Canada to make government more open, engaging, and engaged through the use of new ideas and new technologies. Since leaving government, I have continued to follow the conversations taking place on blog posts and on Twitter with interest, but have found myself going from “active participant” to “passive observer” to the point I’m at now, where I feel like the conversation really has nothing to do with me. This is not a criticism of these individuals– they are preoccupied with how to best do their jobs, which is breaking down barriers in government to increase the flow of information. But what I want to know is how I can best do my job– as a citizen– that helps promote the ideals these groups are working for: transparency, accountability, efficiency, ingenuity from our governments agencies (municipal, provincial, and federal).

So the question I’m asking of anyone involved in “government 2.0” is what does a “citizen 2.0” look like? How do we engage with our elected officials and, maybe more importantly, the non-political administrators, public servants, and policy-makers? How do we demonstrate that open government works, that we want to be engaged, that we are intelligent enough to understand that if you make government more human you won’t be opening yourself up to criticism for your flaws but respect for your transparency?

Basically, how do we support the work that you, the government 2.0 evangelist, are doing?

Replies welcome via comments, email, Twitter, or your own blog post responses.

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