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Classic Rock 101 Gives a Trip For Two to See Elton John in "The Armpit of the Interior"

Posted on 28 June 2010

***EDIT: Having just talked to the Rock 101 guys, it comes off a lot funnier in audio than it does in print.***

*** EDIT 2: I’m not going to lie, at first I was pretty upset about this, but as the day wears on, it just becomes silly. It’s like the Simpsons episodes where they go to other countries– you just have to laugh it off.

And it really does help to hear the commercial rather than just read the print. A lot is lost by just reading the script vs. hearing the thing, with its silly sound effects and voicers, which just emphasize the fact that it’s a joke. I’m not saying no one can be upset by it, but I just want to put it into a little more context. ****

I encourage to give them a call at (604) 291-9463.

Prince George, The Armpit of BC’s Interior… Where the key economic driver is welfare and toothbrush sales don’t exist… because no one has any teeth! Where the only thing hiding the overbearing stench of pulp mill is a heavy cloud of denial. And if the poor air quality doesn’t kill you, a full-fledged infection from persistent knuckle dragging will.Which begs the question… Why would Elton John book a tour stop there?

But because it’s Elton, we’re going to send you. And best of all, we’ll bring you home… after checking you over for pine beetles.

Sir Elton John – Friday, July 16th at the Prince George CN Centre… in Prince George. Enter Now by logging in and answering a few questions about your knowledge of the city of Prince George.

We want you to be fully aware of all the details for this contest.Pros:
You get 2 tickets to see Elton John. He’s a mega god in the music world and has sold slightly less than a bazillion albums.

– The concert is in Prince George.
– We’re super sorry to tell you but you’ll have to spend the night. However, you will be staying in the closest hotel to the airport AND they have 24 hour security.
– You’ll be on the last flight arriving in Prince George before the concert and on the first flight leaving Prince George the next morning.
– You probably won’t want to eat there so be sure to fill up on airplane food.

Prize includes:
– 2 tickets to see Elton John on July 16th at the CN Centre.
– 2 adult flights
– Hotel accommodations for 2 adults
– $200 spending money. We recommend using it to numb the pain!”

via Classic Rock 101

And from the Facebook page:

we wish he was going to a cool city, but…

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[…] break a minor news story yesterday when I noticed that a radio station in Vancouver had posted a contest to send two listeners to the “armpit of the interior” (Prince George) to see Elton […]

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