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Elton John Comment Roundup

Posted on 29 June 2010

With Elton John contest-gate having hit both the front pages of both the CBC’s and the Globe and Mail’s BC sections online, it’s not surprising to see many, many people weighing in with comments that are of the usual caliber of comments we’ve come to see on national news sites. There’s a whole lot of mudslinging between the two cities, with many others caught in the crossfire. Others post thoughtful arguments about economic diversity, differences in lifestyles, and the need to get along. Still others are offensively ignorant. Here’s some from in the middle:

From CBC:

“What does Vancouver and Prince George have in common? Both cities would love to have a team in the NHL ;)”

“People, people – let’s not fight over whether Vancouver or Prince George is a worse place to live. Let’s focus on what we can all agree to – that Fort St. John is a worse place to live.”

“By the way, 100 years ago people in Toronto probably thought Vancouver was an ugly little saw mill town with no culture.”

“Canadiana 101:
Towns with the prefix Prince, Port and Fort generally attract the “fringe” and are to be avoided at all costs.
Forwarned is forarmed.”

“Rock 101 added 2 new recordings to their play list last year and this year are on target to add 4 more !!!!!

What??? You mean that there’s still six pink floyd tunes out there that they didn’t know about until just recently?”

From the Globe and Mail

“Vancouver is south of the Prince George. Now what body part is south of the armpit that would be an apt description for Vancouver?”

However, my favourite comment of all came from, in response to the accusation that toothbrush sales don’t exist in Prince George:

“we don’t need to brush…we have fluoride in the water…”
Note: you have to actually live here truly to get that one.

So, all in all, some people are taking it in good fun, some are opting to take the high road, some are throwing it right back, and others are using it as an opportunity to pointlessly bash other cities– pretty much like any other news story.

Tomorrow, Daybreak is running reaction from local MLA’s, and apparently Mayor Dan Rogers will be appearing on Rock 101 at some point.

As for me, I’m going to reflect on what can happen when you say to yourself, “Hm, I wonder what will come up if I type ‘Prince George’ into a Twitter search this morning?”

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