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Ferrets on the Radio

Posted on 14 July 2010

In my byline at the top of this page, it says that I have “way too many pets.” Of course, I enjoy having those pets and it’s worth mentioning once in a while that the reason we have so many is both myself and my partner are suckers the sort of people that stray animals sort of come to and we have the inability to turn them away. Case in point: we got two of our cats and our dog while living in China and couldn’t bear to leave them to fend for themselves, and our third cat was left in our current home by its previous owners (declawed). The rest of our pets? Ferrets. A large portion of which we have because my better half runs a ferret rescue.

Anyways, it’s been going for about a year now and today there was an interview about ferrets and the rescue on one of the few local radio stations I’m not employed at (haha! just kidding– sort of). It’s a show called Kathi’s Creature Corner on CFIS, a good, community-run station.

So, if you’re curious about ferrets you can have a listen to the interview below, and of course visit the rescue’s blog at for more information.


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