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Golf course would make a great park

Posted on 15 July 2010


Arthur Williams says what I’ve been randomly arguing:

Golf course would make a great park

The redevelopment of the Prince Golf and Curling Club location provides Prince George with an opportunity to develop a truly great city park. However, the city’s draft plan for the golf and curling club area primarily consists of commercial space and housing which the city doesn’t really need.

The consultant’s report estimates it will take over 25 years for the proposed plan to be built out under normal economic conditions.

Instead of lining one of the most prominent and well-travelled spots of the city with mini-malls, the city could turn it into a showcase for Prince George.

All the greatest city parks include a mix of uses which draw people from all walks of life.

By turning the golf course site into a public park and linking it to Carrie Jane Grey Park by pedestrian underpasses, the city could create the winning formula.

To build such a park would normally cost hundreds of millions of dollars if it could be done at all.

Here we have a golf course in the perfect location for a park with manicured lawns, gently rolling hills, ornamental ponds and paths already in place. Why bulldoze it to make room for housing and retail space which the city doesn’t need?

This is a once-a-century opportunity to change the face of the city. What better way to celebrate the city’s 100th birthday than with the grand opening of a Centennial Park?

It would give Prince George a green, vibrant, beating heart. No mini-mall can do that.

Yes, yes, and yes. Mr. Williams is becoming my favourite person writing about Prince George lately, and he is right on the mark for this one. When we were looking at purchasing a house there were some very nice ones near the golf course– but the idea of the nearby greenspace becoming strip malls ruled out the entire neighbourhood for us. I’m sure we’re not the only people who would rather live near a first-class park than an extended retail dead space.

If only there were some way of showing support for this plan… oh, wait, what’s this? A call for feedback?

UPDATE: Open House – Monday July 26, 2010 from 5pm to 7:30 pm
Prince George Golf and Curling Clubhouse, REMAX Room (upstairs) 2515 Recreation Place

Provide your comments on the plan by Tuesday, August 3, 2010, please click here”

So there we are, then. It’s in your hands.

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Great idea in @pgfreepress: turn golf course into park. Read & if you agree do this #princegeorge

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Posted by akurjata on 15 July 2010 @ 3pm

City of Prince George – Draft Golf Course Neighbourhood Plan – Feedback Form (read to learn more)

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Posted by akurjata on 16 July 2010 @ 11am

No more than once a week, promise.

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