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A Splash of Colour

Posted on 19 July 2010

Our gardens are coming in nicely, and our yard is decorated well with lettuce leaves, squash vines, and corn stalks. But what it lacks is colour, so this weekend we took advantage of the “you really should have started gardening by now” sales and added flowers to our crop. It’s really spruced things up, especially our bland grey deck which we probably aren’t going to get around to painting this year (the focus is on installing the floor and painting our interior). Here’s the result:

My favourite thing is the sunflower, which is just so bright against the white fence. We need a few more.

Here’s the front, which was already ok, but needed a few more plants:

I also took advantage of the weather and tidied up the shed, which is now much more walkable.

A Splash of Colour

So aside from helping the parents-in-common-law pick out a new computer and finishing my current read (a pretty good one, too) that was our Sunday.

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