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And We're Back…

Posted on 18 August 2010

Not that I would expect anyone to notice, since a five-day blogging absence is not at all unusual for me, but I’ve been gone for the last few days on a southern Alberta adventure. We managed to do everything in our draft itinerary and then some, and it was a great trip. It will be the subject of a few posts over the next few days, but first I have to sort the over seven hundred photos I took– the gift and the curse of a digital camera with an 8 GB memory card in it.

But it seems all this photo taking is improving my skills, somewhat, since over the last week I’ve had one request for use of one of my photos in an upcoming ad campaign, and another was featured on the front page of the Tyee (see pic below, bottom-right corner is mine), in a crowd-sourced “Your BC” photo pool. Not exactly mind-blowing, going-professional stuff, but then picture-taking is something I do purely as a hobby, so anything else that happens is just an unexpected bonus. This is what Clay Shirkey means by the cognitive surplus, I suppose. Nice to think I’m contributing.

The Tyee

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