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Meet the new researcher for CBC Radio in Northern BC

Posted on 24 November 2010


In case you are one of the two or three people who read this blog and yet don’t know me, last week I successfully applied for the permanent researcher position at CBC. I’ve been doing that job since September in a contract role, and I’d been backfilling it on a pretty regular basis since summer (prior to that I was a backfill associate producer). A few notes on the job:

So, yeah, pretty cool. My work week is staying pretty much the same. I’m still up at CFUR, but since I’ve got a permanent CBC role I’ll be bringing a couple of the volunteers into roles closer to those of employees. I think this will be positive, as well, since they’ll be able to expand their roles and bring new ideas and energy into what goes on up there. I’m pretty happy, considering a year ago I was still looking for work and had zero professional radio experience. And I’ll be heading down to Vancouver in December for what I expect to be some pretty hardcore training at the provincial headquarters.

Getting the job made me realize I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of archiving my work, so I went back and grabbed some audio highlights, which I’ve put on my Soundcloud account. I’ve put a player below, and you can click on individual track titles to read context and titles.

CBC Daybreak North Highlight Reel by akurjata

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