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A Recommendation for Snapfish

Posted on 18 December 2010

I know this isn’t new news to a lot of people, but Snapfish is great. If you’re looking to print photos, I highly recommend them.

We started using them after getting a bunch of free coupons: Flickr gave me a free photo book for renewing my account, as a new user I got free prints. That’s one nice thing about Snapfish: they just keep throwing free stuff at you, even though their prices are pretty competitive in the first place.

But the reason I’m writing this is this: we made our photobook (for free) and got it a few days later. It looked good, but a few pages seemed kind of off. We thought maybe it was the quality of the pictures. But today, I check my email and it’s from Snapfish saying they noticed that a recently round of quality control may have caused photobooks sent out to not be up to snuff. As a result, we would be getting a new copy of the book for free plus another free photobook that we could make.

Let’s go back to this: we didn’t complain. The company noticed something was wrong and let us know. They are replacing the product, like that, because there’s a possibility we might have received a subpar product. They could have said “If you believe you have received an affected product, please return your photobook to the address above.” They didn’t. They sent out a new one, and to top it off, they’re giving us another free product— just in case we weren’t happy with the quality of our first free product.

Beyond this, everything else is great. Prints are nice, website is easy to navigate and use, great integration with Picasa and Flickr, reasonable prices and super-fast delivery. If you’ve been looking for somewhere to turn your digital photos into physical products, I highly recommend Snapfish.

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