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Posted on 15 January 2011

So, I’m now a researcher at CBC Radio. I’ve even taken some training. And as time goes on, I’m starting to feel more and more like I might actually know what I’m doing around there. But over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had to do something I wasn’t sure I was ready for: go live on the air.

The first time came on January 5, when after a huge dump of snow I went out early with a cellphone to do an “on-the-spot” report on what the roads were like. I did it from the parking lot of one of the main bus terminals after being dropped off part way and walking. It’s OK, although I keep on saying “paved” rather than “ploughed”– the dangers of doing it completely off-the-cuff.

The second spot was what’s called a “tape talk.” This is the term given for when a reporter goes out and interviews multiple people about a single subject, then sits down with the host of the show to share what they found out. It’s used when there’s multiple angles to a story, and one guest won’t really present them all. My first experience doing this came with this piece about neighbourhood opposition to the expansion of a recycling depot. I talked to some really expressive people, and it was difficult narrowing down the focus. We stayed on the emotions here, rather than the clinical analysis, which works for the narrative. Listening back to it, I’m actually really happy with my delivery. I’ve developed a radio voice, I think, and having pulled it off without throwing up, I may be ready to do it again– but not too soon.

Heavy Snowfall Spot – January 5, 2011

BBK Bottle Expansion Tape Talk – January 13 2011

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