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How Do You Music? A Series on Music Discovery and the Web

Posted on 28 February 2011

Here’s a series I’ve been mulling for a while. I’m doing it now following a conversation over on Tumblr about a decline in people listening to audio posts. My response was basically a sketch of how I go about discovering new music, so I figured I might as well fill it out now.

So, over the next four days I’ll be posting on how I use the Hype Machine, CBC Radio 3, Soundcloud, and Tumblr/ (edit: and for music discovery and playlist management. I’m hoping it might encourage some more people to start using these services because (a) they’re fantastic but still mostly under-the-radar and (b) I’m actually kind of hoping to get people who are into music but not into the web to start using these so I can follow their tastes.

Before we start, I want to throw a couple of things out there: first, this is mostly about music discovery. It’s mostly song-based (not album based) and it’s largely centred around new artists, though I do occassionally come across something older. Second, I don’t do all my music discovery digitally. I listen to other DJs on CFUR, and I go through stacks of actual albums there, too. But you already know how to do that.

So: see you back here tomorrow for the Hype Machine.

Full How Do You Music? Series:
The Hype Machine
CBC Radio 3

NOTE: This post originally called this a “weeklong” series. As life got in the way, it turned into more like two weeks. But the url structure remains.

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