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Down With Webster

Posted on 29 March 2011

“Your Man” by Down With Webster

One of the things I like about awards shows like the Junos is they expose me to bands that everyone else has lots of other people have been listening to, but I’ve somehow never heard of. For the last five years or so, I’ve lived in some sort of inverse universe where I’m constantly exposed to indie/underground music, and the stuff from commercial radio and MuchMusic completely bypasses me. The upside of this is that much like real candy, when you’re exposed to ear candy on an irregular basis, it’s much more enjoyable than when it’s your primary source of nutrition. Enter Down With Webster.

Cursory research tells me they have been around commercially since 2009, with interest from both Gene Simmons and Timbaland, and have had three hit singles: “Whoa Is Me“, “Your Man”, and “Rich Girl$.” Carrying on in the tradition of Sum 41 and Stereos, the band is marketed as a marriage of hip-hop and rock, but at the core is pure pop. But you know what? If you only have it once in a while, pop can be pretty darn good.

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