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Canada Day: Music, Money and Stereotypes

Posted on 1 July 2011

It’s Canada Day.

I don’t have anything new for you, but I’d like to share some of my past writing on Canada that people have liked.

My most popular blog post of all time was this piece from last year called “How Independent Music Helped Transform A Nation.” It’s my theory that Canadian content rules on radio have had a subtle yet profound effect on the way a new generation of Canadians think about their country.

Given that we have a couple of young royals on hand for celebrations in Ottawa, I may as well re-share my piece about the monarchy and Canada. It’s called “God Save the Queen Until We Save Our Change.”

And lastly,  here is a recent piece of writing, but one I’m grateful for. It’s called “Stereotypes.” I say grateful and not “proud” because it’s probably the only blog post I was apprehensive about publishing. It’s about the barriers facing Aboriginal people in Canada, a subject that I feel strongly about yet have little first-hand experience with.

I wrote it just over a week ago for National Aboriginal Day and had no idea how it would be received. And this is where the grateful comes in. It’s fast-becoming one of my most read and shared blogs ever. This is gratifying in itself, but recently it’s taken on life among Aboriginal youth on Tumblr and Twitter. It’s hardly viral, but I’ve been following it as it is shared and “liked” by people adding their own comments from “I enjoyed this” to “I’ve been called these things.”

I wrote this piece because I feel like it had to be said. And the fact that there are other people who it resonated with, whether on a personal or a cerebral level is something that I can be nothing but grateful for.

Happy Canada Day.

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