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Starved of Sun

Posted on 2 August 2011

It is August, and it feels like early fall here in Prince George.

That would be bad enough if we had had a summer, but this has been the coolest, greyest, rainiest May/June/July I can remember. This is coming off of one of the longest and snowiest winters we’ve had in years.

Weather doesn’t traditionally get to me that much, but with the long-term forecast predicting more of the same, I’m starting to get worried. If we hit fall proper without breaking the 25 mark, I’m probably going to feel it.

To give you an idea of how bad it’s been, a day where it hits nineteen and doesn’t rain is considered one of the best.

I think the only reason we haven’t had a mass outbreak of depression is there’s been just enough sun to stave it off. An hour here, an hour there, with the occasional actual sunny day, even if still requires a sweater.

What it feels like is wanting dinner, but being given just enough appetizers to stave off the hunger. You’re never full, but you never reach the point of painful hunger, either.

But if that long winter sleep sets in without getting a full meal, I’m going to have to visit another restaurant.


I’ve heard some people saying the weather’s not so bad. Some cite statistics.

Here’s the thing about statistics: they can lie.

For example: A day where it rains intensely for one hour at 3 am, resulting in 5 mm of precipitation, and is then sunny and clear will statistically be rainier than a day that drizzles from 9 am to 9 pm resulting in 4 mm.

This has definitely been the long, drawn out rain and clouds.


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