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What were northern B.C.’s top news stories of 2011?

Posted on 14 December 2011

Earlier today I wrote about CBC”s choice for the top new story of 2011 in B.C. and argued that even though it took place in Vancouver, it has wider implications.

That said, any list that aims to cover the province is going to naturally exclude stories that were big, but only in certain regions. So I’m curious what a top ten list for northern B.C. would look like.

I think my only criteria would be that it’s a localized story. So while the Vancouver riots and the HST debate certainly had implications in the north, I would argue they aren’t top stories for northern B.C. because they are larger stories than the north. On the other hand, something like the gas fracking debate (one of the nominees for top story in B.C.) has implications beyond the north, but is very much localized in a northern B.C. context.

Off the top of my head, here’s what springs to mind:

Anyone else? I’m sure I’m missing a few, especially in regions outside of Prince George. Leave a comment or tweet me, and I’ll post responses below.


Just curious: what would you say are the top news stories for northern B.C. in 2011? #princegeorge #yxs #yyj #ydq #terrace #northernbc

— Andrew Kurjata (@akurjata) December 15, 2011


@akurjata FSJ’s mayor sanctions, hwy 97 upgrades four laning , July floodings, prime minister visits peace region

— Brent Hodson (@brent_hodson) December 15, 2011

@akurjata Top News Stories? I’d say Dan Rogers being the first incumbent PG mayor to lose in 5 decades. Also Layton visit during election.

— Devan C. Tasa (@dctasa) December 15, 2011


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The blowout of Highway 97 in the Pine Pass.

Posted by Tom_Fletcher on 14 December 2011 @ 5pm

No more than once a week, promise.

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