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Live at the ArtSpace

Posted on 11 February 2012

Remember how I just wrote about supporting live music? Remember how I felt bad that I missed writing about Jamie Bell’s show? Well Jamie Bell has found a way to make me feel better about missing that.

He just uploaded Live At the ArtSpace, a recording of that show, plus a few bonus materials. It’s available on Bandcamp for free, but I decided to pay ticket price since I really did want to go to that show and now I’m able to listen to it anyways. It’s not as good as a live show, but it’s a good recording.

This sort of quick, immediate recording is really cool, and I love Bandcamp as an interface for getting it. As a listener, I can play the tracks anywhere with an internet connection, or I can download them and put them on my iPod or rip a CD like it’s 2008 or something. There’s also a sort of “tip jar” option so you can pay more than the suggested price.

A lot of the time local artists don’t have the time or resources to put out an album or merch and so you’re limited to only hearing them when you can make it to a live show (and that’s the only time you can buy their stuff and financially support them, too). I’ve been to a couple of shows recently where you could sign up to get a live recording of the show, and I’ve done it every time. It’s a great new step to supporting local musicians, and I hope it works out for them.

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