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Posted on 19 April 2012

At last week, there was a discussion around “Where do you get your news?” A lot of the discussion was how in the age of the internet (mostly Facebook and Twitter), people expect news to find them rather than for them to go seek it out.

That’s telling for people (like me!) who trade in the ability to get people to pay attention to the information we put out there. Radio is a kettle of fish somewhat separate from print, but we’re still competing for attention in a crowded atmosphere and can’t expect people to just seek us out.

But I wanted to touch on how I get my news. Since my value to listeners/audience is based on filtering through stories and getting out ahead of them, I can’t wait for the news to come to me– I have to find it, preferably where no one else is looking. Here’s a rough idea of how I parse news on a typical day.

It’s kind of a lot to parse, and I know I’m far from typical. If I didn’t work in current events, I know I wouldn’t be as across all this stuff. I’m not sure what I would and wouldn’t be using if I wasn’t doing this. Probably all of it, just not as often.

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