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I’m Internet-Music Famous

Posted on 14 June 2012

Here’s something kind of cool. Earlier this year, I had a quick Q&A about music with the site Exfm. Exfm is an internet music tool that I’ve written about before, and it has a cool community feature on it’s blog, as well, where they talk to different bands, users, etc. This week was me. I’m especially glad I was able to plug TWO Prince George bands (it has some of my recently “loved” tracks at the bottom, which includes a song by the Statistics, another Prince George group). Here it is:

“This week’s User Spotlight comes from The Great White North, Canada. Andrew knows music inside and out as well as music platforms, so we were stoked when he agreed to be featured. He’s a great member of the exfm community and it was wonderful to to chat with him.

What is one of your favorite/most magical musical experiences?

I’ll go with when I was listening to the campus radio station in town here and an amazing song came on. I thought it must be something from the indie scene down in the States or maybe Vancouver or Toronto, but then the DJ came on and said it was from a local group — here in Prince George, population 80,000. That made me realize good music could come from anywhere.

If you had to pick a favorite artist(s) who would it be? (tough one I know)

Intellectually, the Beatles, viscerally, the Clash. Modern day, so much good stuff happening it would be tough to choose. Whatever I’m listening to at the moment is a good representation — and hey, my exfm favourites is a good place to see that.

If you had to share one artist right now who would it be? Why?

Beach Velvet. The artist behind this project has been making a ton of great music for years in Prince George and this album (released earlier this month) is actually getting attention outside of the city. In fact, he was in the band that I mentioned in my “favourite musical experience.” Fantastic lo-fi stuff that shouldn’t be limited by the geography of not being in a big city.

What genres of music are you into most?

Well, I describe my music blog/radio show as delving into “electro-pop, Canadian indie rock, and hip-hop, but not really”, so I’ll go with that.

Anything else music related, hobby related, or whatever related you’d like to share?

I already plugged my music blog and radio show, plus the local music scene here in Prince George, so I’ll just encourage people to keep listening — the internet is a great tool for discovering music from around the world, but it’s truly magical when you support the stuff that’s happening locally, and help take it global, too.”

Now go use exfm. Seriously. It’s great.

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