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Let’s make a list of great northern B.C. musicians

Posted on 9 August 2012

For a variety of upcoming projects, I’m looking for great northern B.C. musicians. Genre is not relevant. Basically, I’m looking for groups or individuals who would attract a crowd and/or impress a crowd. Ones who you are legitimately excited to see play and would tell your friends “you have to check them out live!” Ones who won you over on a festival stage or in a coffee shop.

Genre doesn’t matter, geography does. “Northern B.C.” is a tough area to define, but let’s just say roughly from Williams Lake northwards. Best place for me to collect them would be in the comments here, (where people can also upvote)  but if you feel more comfortable you can message me on Twitter @akurjata or email andrew[at]kurjata[dot]ca.

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Maple You Know, man! awesome artist!

Posted by Jteezy on 9 August 2012 @ 11am

Twin Peaks, Miss Quincy, The Barracudas, Folky Strum Strum – Fort St. John area

Posted by Brent Hodson on 9 August 2012 @ 12pm

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