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Council and China

Posted on 15 October 2012

I really haven’t been posting much on Prince George city council lately, but this is worth sharing. As reported by Opinion250, at tonight’s meeting mayor Shari Green is going to be asking council to approve up to $35 thousand dollars for a four person delegation consisting of herself, two councillors and one staff person to go Prince George’s sister city in China.

As pointed out by the union representing city workers and Ben Meisner of 250, the timing of this may not be ideal from a public relations standpoint. It’s right in the middle of a core services review process aimed at saving the city money, a key plank in Green’s election campaign that’s supposed to see the city cut back and start saving money.

So it will be interesting to see how Green justifies the cost of a foreign relations trip while the core services review has the city actively talking about privatizing or contracting out control of things like the Four Seasons Swimming Pool and the Civic Centre, to say nothing of the recent elimination of the city’s entire environment division and 28 jobs.

Of note:

The meeting streams online starting at 6:00 tonight. Watch it here (or in person at city hall).

Update: Off they go.

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