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How to tie a scarf

Posted on 16 January 2013

How to tie a scarf, step three

Over the Christmas break, I realized I had no idea how to keep my scarf on while doing outdoors sports. Rather than just figure it out, I made a radio story about it that involved asking random people on the street, going to an outdoors store to find out if Jude Law has any tips, and calling up the fashion editor for

Mere weeks after its original air date, it has become the number one most popular thing I have ever sent out onto the internet. Now it’s been aired on CBC’s The Story From Here, a nationally broadcast show, so I think it will probably be secure in this spot for some time.

You can check out the original interview, along with an extended scarf interview and a variety of scarf-tying resources on the Daybreak North site or iny my audio portfolio.

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