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Posted on 6 March 2013

One of the best things about making a radio show is how many jobs go into it. My title is researcher, but I’m regularly upgraded to associate producer and producer, which have their own unique duties. In any of these roles I can focus on doing backgrounds, writing, creating tape, or doing some investigative work. It’s tough for things to get stale because there’s always something new to learn or brush up on.

Now I’m getting an extended opportunity to explore the hosting world. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be semi-co-hosting Radio West as the show heads north- they’ll be on location in Smithers while I man things from the studio in Prince George. Pretty cool.

Then on Monday I sit down in the co-host’s chair for my regular gig, Daybreak North. I’ve done this a few times before, but this time it is for nearly three months. Leisha Grebinski has been offered a great opportunity elsewhere within the CBC that is sadly taking her from us. So it’s a bittersweet opportunity.

But I’m excited to work on my skills as an on-air personality. In both cases I’ll be joined by experienced cohorts, so I’m not on my own. And the whole time I’ll be thinking of the advice I received from someone I was doing a background interview with recently:

“I don’t believe you’re a CBC announcer because you talk too fast… you should be in private radio. Take something. Slow down.”

Deep breath. Here goes.


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