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North by Northwest: the Northern B.C. Edition

Posted on 16 March 2013

North by Northwest is one of British Columbia’s most-listened to radio shows. Every weekend, it showcases the arts and culture of the province.

This morning, I sat in studio and manned the boards (and hung out in the Facebook group) while the regular host of Daybreak in Prince George guest-hosted North by Northwest.

It was a lot of fun. Doing a weekend arts and culture show with long-form interviews has a much different feel than doing a weekday current affairs show where things max out at seven minutes. There’s a rush to doing the current affairs, but it was nice to sort of chill out and listen to people share interesting ideas.

There was a northern medical student and professor who are bridging the gap between health care and storytelling. There was the owner of Prince George’s first Persian restaurant. And there was a Tsimshian musical duo who shared their story of transitioning from playing heavy metal to country- and had some fascinating stories.

It was great to help showcase some of the interesting people in the north on a show that is broadcast province-wide. North by Northwest regularly talks to people from this region, but having a whole three hours dedicated to it I would think would really drive home the fact that there’s a lot more going on up here than many people probably think. It’s what keeps me so busy during the week.

You can listen to highlights at

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