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Letters, March 24, 2013

Posted on 24 March 2013

Conversation is something I value on the internet. It has its challenges, but it is amazing how we are able to share ideas with so many different people.

Earlier this month I took part in a discussion on letters to the editor for the internet age. It got me thinking about how to bring the conversation that happens around some of my blog posts into the blog itself. I appreciate the fact that people take what I write and share their thoughts in different forums, but I think there is some value to consolidating some of them into one place. So that’s what this post is going to be: a round-up of feedback on my posts.

For comments made in public places (Twitter, Disqus, Google+), I’m linking to the original. For Facebook comments, I’m not linking and am only going to do initials because I have no idea what the privacy settings were supposed to be.

Thanks to everyone who read, shared, and commented. Here’s edition one.

Roller discos and recovery centers: how much control should you have over your neighbourhood? »

Thank you for this post. I love the Haldi neighbourhood – the wilderness, the great people (on whatever side of this debate they lie, we have some awesome neighbours), the close proximity to the city features, etc… However, as a resident of this neighbourhood since 2003, and one of several ‘young’ families here, we bought in an area of town that has not had an elementary school, nor had any plans for an elementary school, since before I arrive. So I have to question, who in the past 10 years has bought property here with the idea that an operational school was down the road? I would also argue that people in this neighbourhood have reacted to the idea of a recovery centre, not questioned (e.g., “But having questions about where the recovery centre …”).

I do believe that we need to explore the reaction beyond the NIMBY statements more deeply – many residents have reacted to this proposal. However, many others have been silent, or supporting the recovery centre proposal in quiet non-assuming ways.

Bill Owen 

Tom Flanagan and the Outrage of the Internet »

Thank you.

Rebecca Flanagan  

Darkness »

Crap. There goes my productivity today…

All I’ll be thinking about today is about stars, technology and history. Thanks for nothing! ;)

Tariq Piracha 

Stompin’ Tom’s Battle »

great tribute and your take on his ethos is perfect

Grant Potter 

Google Reader is Joining Google + (What Should Have Happened) »

Incorporating #Reader  into Google+ is an obvious idea. Now that I’ve found (which seems great so far), I’ll visit Google sites maybe 10% to 20% fewer times per day. It’s no big deal for me, and I won’t be signing any #SaveGoogleReader  petitions, but it seems like Google should want me to spend more time on their sites.

Andrew McNabb 

Well at least that would have made some fucking sense.

Dave Alderson 

Digitial Archives »

I still keep a memory box. I put physical objects in it. Always have. I have things dating back quite some time. The exact time and place isn’t critical. The memories the objects trigger are. Touching them, smelling them, feeling them, it’s almost magical as I’m transported back. A digital post or email doesn’t have the same effect.

One grand goal of peggsite is to organize things by month, then at the end of the year you would get a physical “commonplace” book. I have several in real life and they are probably my prized possessions. Certainly what I would grab in a fire. Not my hard drive.

Kirk Love 

Did you know Prince George has a university? »

I wonder how many local restaurants are pissed off that Nancy O’s gets press all the time, and they don’t? :)

M.C. (on Facebook)

this coverage is condescending, because it’s so shallow and tokenist. token northern coverage, gee, that’s great! they finally noticed us. maybe they’ll ask us to the prom!

J.S. (on Facebook)

* * *

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to read what I have to say here. I will start collecting feedback again, and when there’s a reasonable amount I’ll do this again.

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