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How to use your Kindle 4 without the power button

Posted on 2 July 2013

Usually, when I need to fix something I turn to Google and usually the result is in the first page of search results. But every once in a while the solution to the problem isn’t easily found, so I post the results on my blog in an attempt to help future people with the same problem searching Google. I also throw in lots of keywords to help it be found. So here is what to do if you have a Fourth Generation Kindle (Kindle 4) whose power button isn’t working.

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Basically, we have a Kindle 4 and one day its power button stopped working. The Kindle charges, and if you plug it in to a computer it shows up, but once it goes into screensaver (or power-saving) mode, you’re stuck. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to fix the power button, but I did find a way to not need the power button.

1. Plug the Kindle into a computer using the USB cable.

2. Take it out. At this point, you will be out of screensaver mode and able to actually read the Kindle.

3. Go to the homescreen.

4. Hit the menu button. Select “Search.”

5. Type ” ;debugOn” (no quotation marks) and hit the enter button (on the on-screen keyboard). At this point, all that should happen is the entirety of “;debugOn” should be highlighted.

6. Type “~disableScreensaver” and hit the enter button again.

Again, this isn’t a fix, but it does mean the Kindle won’t automatically go into screensaver mode, so you won’t be stuck in a situation where you can’t get it to turn on (unless you lose all your power and have to charge it- in which case you’ll have to plug it into a computer and unplug it again to get back into usable mode). I imagine the battery life will run out quicker, but it’s cheaper than replacing it- or, if you do replace it, now you have a handy spare for recipes in the kitchen or a “guestroom Kindle” or a cheap gift something. Better than throwing it out.


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