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Letting go

Posted on 29 August 2013

It was just about one-and-a-half years that I resigned from my role as station manager of CFUR Radio. At the time I had been doing two jobs at once, and knew that if I kept it up, I wouldn’t be doing either position justice.

After stepping down, I joined the board and took part in hiring my replacement. I was pleased the person we chose because they had ideas and a skillset that was outside of what I possessed, and I knew they could take CFUR in a direction I could not.

Many months later, I am excited by what I see going on at CFUR. There are projects and enthusiasm and ideas that I don’t think would have happened if I had stayed on as the station manager. My replacement has created an environment and a roadmap that is different from where I would have gone, but is still completely in line with what I think a campus station can and should be.

I took CFUR to a point where it could move forward and I’m happy with that. I’m even happier that I then passed it on to someone else and let them run with it. Every time I see the success CFUR’s now having, it’s a valuable lesson. Sometimes the best thing you can do is trust someone else to do the job.

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