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City of Prince George e-Town Hall Budget Consultation → 

Posted on 15 October 2013

The city of Prince George is putting its budget consultations online tonight, with an e-Town Hall.

“The first e-Town Hall meeting is designed to engage a broader and more diverse cross section of residents in dialogue leading to Council’s consideration of the 2014 Provisional Operating Budget.”

Charelle Evelyn at the Prince George Citizen has been providing some good context for this.

“During the 2013 budget process in February, an online survey asking residents to rate their satisfaction of 28 different services generated 270 responses. Only one person took advantage of the two public input opportunities during budget meetings.”

One is a pretty low number, even when it comes to something as esoteric as budget meetings. We’ll see if this outreach leads to an improvement. Either way, for people interested in seeing city hall reach out to people via the web, this has to be seen as an improvement over other recent moves.

The meetings begin at 6 at

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