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I’m sorry, @jamiebell

Posted on 24 March 2014

So a week ago the Prince George musician Jamie Bell posted this message on Facebook:

“After years of getting tweets directed at the actor Jamie Bell, it looks like I might finally have a way out! (I’ve got @jamiebell, he’s got @1jamiebell)”

Along with it was a screenshot of the actor Jamie Bell (star of Billy Elliot and the upcoming Fantastic Four, among other things) asking:

“Ok, how much do you want for it?”


I thought this might make for a fun interview on Daybreak North, and Jamie was game, so on Friday morning and we had a fun little discussion about it.

I thought that would be it. But to quote ViralNova, what happened next blew my mind…

The interview went international on CBC’s As It Happens. It went up on It went up on the Huffington Post. Basically, it went viral.

@jamiebell on As It Happens

Meanwhile, the man who really started this all- @1jamiebell- is just acting like it never happened.

And @jamiebell_ is floating along pretty obliviously, too.

This is proof that you can never predict what will go viral. In all honestly, I wasn’t sure it would get picked up for Daybreak. It was my third pitch, and it was basically “This MIGHT be something….?”

I guess it was.

Fortunately, Jamie Bell the musician is taking it in stride. Hopefully all this attention gets more attention for his music, of which I am a big fan. He just released this teaser for an album from the Cutest Band Ever.

By the way, I just launched a newsletter. The next edition will have some more updates about Jamie Bell the musician, as well as other northern B.C. music news and some other things. If you’re interested, enter your email address below:

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