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Thinking In The Open

Posted on 5 September 2014

I received a comment earlier this week from Grant Potter on my post about about delegation that included this line:

“Your thinking in the open here is really great – enjoying following along.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that’s exactly what I was doing. I didn’t have any fully-formed thoughts about delegation, and definitely didn’t have any solutions, but it was on my mind and I started writing about it. By the end I had come to something of a conclusion- or at least a greater understanding of my own barriers and a better attitude on how to idea them.

Lots of people recommend keeping a journal to help work through difficult problems. I’ve tried doing that but for whatever reason it never sticks. But looking back it seems like I do feel comfortable working through things here on my blog- out in the open.

I don’t know what that says about me, but I do know some of the most important lessons I’ve learned have come through reading the blogs of other people doing essentially the same thing. Successful people in high-level jobs sitting down and typing about their work, problems, and possible solutions. Fred Wilson is an obvious one, but also people like Buster Benson talking about productivity methods he’s tried and Cap Watkins chronicling his move from being a designer to a product manager.

So I think I’m going to give myself permission to think out loud around here a little more. I find it useful, and maybe other people will to.

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