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Posted on 4 November 2014

You may have noticed me posting more frequently this week. Inspired by Andy Baio, Gina Trapanai , et al I’ve decided to break down the silos of “what belongs” on my blog a little bit. For one, I’m not limiting myself to the maximum of one post a day because I’ve discovered that then I have too much pressure to make “the one” something big and I wind up doing nothing. By contrast, once I break down the walls and open myself up to a paragraph or two I can put a lot more out there.

Manton Reece:

“Whenever I get out of the habit of writing daily, it creates friction to get anything published. When you post every day, there’s no expectation that all posts have to be great. But when you wait too long, there’s an increasing feeling that the next post has to be perfect.”


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