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Answers From the Candidates: Prince George Election 2014

Posted on 14 November 2014

As you may recall, I came up with ten questions to ask the candidates running for mayor and council in Prince George. They are questions I, personally, am interested in and should by no means be taken as the most important issues of the campaign.

Using the email addresses provided by CivicInfo BC (which in turn used the information on candidate nomination forms) I sent my questionnaire out. I did not provide prompts or reminders, one email to the email address used on the forms.

Out of 27 total candidates, I received 13 responses. All were from council candidates and all but one were from newcomers to the race.

This has been a crazy busy campaign. There have been multiple public events every week, and many more private or semi-private ones. There are media requests, questions from the public and, let’s not forget, everyday life. This is all volunteer work, at this point. So it is 100% understandable that responding to my questionnaire isn’t at the top of the list of priorities.

Still, I appreciate the replies of the 13 people who did take the time to answer. It has provided me with new insight and, honestly, made my decision a little more difficult because the playing field between candidates narrowed in a few cases.

I leave the opportunity to respond open to the remaining candidates, and I will publish the results as they come in throughout Friday.

I’ve embedded a table of the answers below, but you may find it easier to read the answers here, because I’ve made it so the candidate name and the question asked is always on-screen.

PS. If you’re looking for other places to get informed, the Prince George Free Press has published its Election Primer online. The Prince George Citizen has a special Election ’14 page online, as does CBC Daybreak North, including two in-depth interviews with the mayoral candidates. 250 News/CFIS have been doing interviews with all the candidates, as well, and posting summaries, you can find them here, and PGTV has put all its stories together, too, as well as compiling these candidate minutes – sixty seconds with each person. Finally there’s which has its own questionnaire and some other information. No excuse to not get informed!

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