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Winter Bike Commuting → 

Posted on 4 December 2014

Stephen Regenold:

“Winter riding is not without hardship. Evenings comes early, forcing riders to pedal home in the dark. Snowdrifts squeeze streets, eliminating a comfortable side lane for bikes. Frozen fingers and feet are common issues for the unprepared.

“But dress right, use fenders and lights on the bike, maybe add studded tires, and commuting in the bleak months can be comfortable and efficient. Here are 10 tips to help you ease into the wintertime cycling scene.”

Pretty comprehensive list, including the advice not to be afraid of using the transit system as a retreat from time to time. The only things I’d add is that if you’re going wearing a balaclava or scarf over your mouth you’ll want ski goggles over sunglasses because the glasses will frost up from your breath moving upwards. I also go with a lighter helmet with the headgear because having two heavy items on my head is a bit much.

I’ve been eyeing up fat tires for heavy snowfall days because when it’s fresh and deep, studs don’t do much to help.

With practice and the right gear, winter biking isn’t much harder than biking any other time of year, and you get special “hardiness points” for doing it. Give it a try.

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