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Final thoughts on Serial → 

Posted on 23 December 2014

I’ve been writing about Serial and what it means for audio on here quite a bit. I sent out a little Twitter essay yesterday that’s a pretty good summary, so I thought I’d put it here, too.

1. I think Serial and shows like it are a step towards the Netflix-ization of audio

2. “podcasts” as a form have been doing just fine, as Marco Arment  and Jesse Thorn point out

3. But what’s new is the high-quality production of Serial. This isn’t two people and a mic. This is archival tape, field sounds, etc.

4. Like , this is the sort of audio I love: HBO-quality storytelling, not blog-level.

5. The problem is, people too often confuse podcast the media form with podcast the genre. They are not the same…

6. Just as Breaking Bad and E-Talk Daily are not the same just because they both appear on TV, podcasts are wildly different

7. And, for that matter, so is audio. I tried to capture that here….

8. Fortunately, did a much better job here in describing the power of tape

9. On Serial: “The story was compelling because if felt so immediate, so real. Tape was what made it real.”

10. On audio’s strength: “Tape bridges the divide, capturing reality without distorting it too much”

11. So that’s what I hope about : that it hit a critical mass of people that now understand the power and the beauty of audio.

12. … not true-crime. Not “on-demand” listening. But well-produced, audio storytelling. That would be a big win for the whole industry.

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