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Three great songs from previous years I discovered in 2014

Posted on 4 January 2015

Every year, I put together a list of my favourite songs of the past twelve months. This is obviously subjective, because it’s impossible to hear every single piece of music released in a year.

So what to do when you come across a great new song that’s not actually new? For me, it’s share them here in the first annual “Great Songs From Previous Years I Missed the First Time Around.”

If I Didn’t Know Better – the Civil Wars (2012)

If I Didn’t Know Better | Listen for free at

At the beginning of the year I worked an early shift and had to attempt to sleep during the day. Just before nap time, I would try watching TV shows that I found boring on Netflix. I came across Nashville and found it utterly uninteresting, and was nearly asleep when this scene came on:

Wide awake. And the original is even better.    


Devil Town – Tony Lucca (2007)

Devil Town | Listen for free at

Another one I found in a Netflix TV show, albeit one I was watching to watch rather than to fall asleep. I missed “Devil Town” in its original incarnation by Daniel Johnston, later when it was covered by Bright Eyes, and when Tony Lucca’s version first appeared in not one but two montages on Friday Night LightsGreat, great track.


Having You Around – July Talk (2012)

Having You Around | Listen for free at

Romantic despite itself. So good.


Honourable Mention: Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

Didn’t actually discover much on here (“Fooled Around And Fell In Love” being an exception – never heard it, love it) but man, was the movie and the soundtrack fun.

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