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What are the greatest “Prince George” songs of all time?

Posted on 19 March 2015

Prince George is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. I’m ruminating on a couple of projects to mark that, and here’s one of them: compiling a list of the greatest “Prince George songs” of all time.

In my own life I’ve seen a number of great artists come and go and come again in the various local music scenes. I know that extends back to before my time, as well, so I’m hoping to get help on this.  I’m going to collect top ten lists from various people who’ve been involved in the musical community over the years. I’m then going to take those compilations and create a master list.

Here’s my definition of a “Prince George” song:

1. It was recorded or written by an artist based in Prince George at or near the time of recording.

2. It is by an artist not from Prince George, but the song itself is about or inspired by Prince George.

That’s about it.

I’m hoping that if you’ve been involved in the local music scene as an artist, promoter, or fan, you’ll submit your list using the form below. If you have less than ten, that’s fine. You may rank them, if you want. Also, if you’d like to say anything about why you chose the songs, that’d be awesome.

Here it is (if the form doesn’t appear, here’s the link)

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