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Tabatha Southey spells it out → 

Posted on 17 May 2015

On this whole incident, Tabatha Southey nails a key point:

“‘Surely there was some way this could have been handled without Mr. Simoes losing his job?’ some have said. Likely, yes, but that wasn’t Hydro One’s call. And Hydro One is not Mr Simoes’s parent or his therapist. It’s not nanny-Hydro One, and they’re not obliged to coach or reform him or employ him, and there’s no question the man made himself, through considerable effort, not a momentary one-line lapse, a liability.

“Hydro One has other employees to consider, people who might not feel comfortable working under or beside a man who has made it clear that sexually harassing women while they work is something fun that he’s entitled to do, and if they object they are failing in their duty to feel grateful they don’t have a vibrator in their ear.

“It strikes me “he lost his job” is mostly said in a graver tone than “she lost her job.” Somehow, one often senses that a woman losing her job is just not considered as serious a thing.”

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