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Posted on 29 May 2015

cbc number one

A message from CBC Daybreak North:

“This morning, a big THANK YOU to our listeners. Once again, Daybreak North is the NUMBER ONE radio show in Prince George northern British Columbia, and CBC is the most-listened to radio station all day and all week. On any given morning nearly 1/3 of radios in cars, homes, offices are tuned in to us, and we’re honoured to wake up with you. We love the north, and we’re glad the north likes us back. Thanks for listening.”

In Spring 2014, CBC Radio as whole has a 23.8% share of listeners in Prince George- that’s seven days a week, all day. And when Daybreak North is on we have an unbelievable 31.8% audience share. We’ve been sitting at number one for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve increased our share three years in a row, and the first time I’ve ever seen a station crack the thirties. It’s humbling.

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