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Quick Travel Tips: Drumheller

Posted on 27 July 2015

Every year I take a trip somewhere new, and every year I plan to post about it but never do. So I’ve decided to do something different, which is just write a few things I saw/did that I would recommend. This is by no means comprehensive, it’s just things I will personally say I enjoyed. You can also save the list in Foursquare, if you desire.


1. The Royal Tyrell Museum

Obviously (I assume this is why you’re going?). But here’s a couple of pointers:

2. World’s Largest Dinosaur

This is one of those things that seems dumb, is dumb, but is just so dumb it’s awesome. Basically, it’s a giant T-Rex and you pay $3 to climb up it. That’s it. But it’s got that  kitschy roadside appeal, and the views are great. Akso, there’s a free waterpark right beside it, so, again if you have a kid, yeah, worth it.

3. Hoodoos

Yes, just go to them, they are awesome, bring a good camera and plan to explore.

4. The Fossil Shop

I wouldn’t call it essential, but it’s on the way to/from the museum so worth a quick stop just to take a look. Some interesting things – we picked up a couple of souvenirs.

5. Bernie & The Boys Bistro

Lots of options, friendly, home-style food. Bonus points, again for with the kid: it’s across the street from a playground.

If you want something else, I enjoyed the Vietnamese Noodle House. Again, non-essential, but worthwhile if you’re in the mood.

6. The Star-Mine Suspension Bridge

I like suspension bridges. This one was nice, and it also goes to a cool viewing area and has the remains of an old coal mine on the other side. So again, probably non-essential, but not much of a timesuck, either.


Again, there’s quite a few things we didn’t get to such as historic sites, the Passion Play, some of the hikes and restaurants. Maybe they are better than the things I did! I don’t know! But I did these things, liked them, and maybe you will, too.

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