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“Why I’m Embracing Cynicism Amidst The New Trudeaumania” → 

Posted on 21 October 2015

Scaachi Koul:

“You’ve earned your cynicism if you’re a woman and have watched men in power try to trample on your rights, or if you’re aboriginal and you’ve been ignored for eons, or if you’re a Muslim woman whose existence suddenly became politicized. You’ve earned it if you’re trans and have seen government after government barely acknowledge that your suicide rates are out of control.

“You’ve earned it for decades through things that happened in this country long before you got here, to your ancestors, your community, your neighbours. You get to be cynical because elections are nothing if not cynical events. One day, the Liberals will likely fail you (they did before) and another party will rise to power. No party deserves your allegiance immediately after an election. They actually have to work for that.”

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